Welcome to the website of the Paix, Action Humanitaire et Développement (PHD)/Peace, Humanitarian Action and Development Major at Sciences Po Lille.

Course objective

The Paix, Action Humanitaire et Développement (PHD)/Peace, Humanitarian Action and Development Major aligns with the « Triple Nexus, » combining analyses, actors, and practices in emergency response, peacebuilding, and development. The curriculum revolves around core courses, thematic and technical deep dives, regional specializations, and project management. Its aim is to prepare students for professional careers requiring a balanced and operational understanding of organizations within this triple realm of humanitarianism, development, and conflict resolution.

The program also places particular emphasis on cross-cutting themes, including environmental concerns, migrations, gender, advocacy, and more. While maintaining this breadth, in the fifth year, students have the option to choose between two specific tracks: peacebuilding, and humanitarian and development action.

Main career opportunities

The Paix, Action Humanitaire et Développement (PHD)/Peace, Humanitarian Action and Development Major prepares students for professional integration within organizations such as:

  • National and international NGOs (humanitarian, development, mediation, conflict and post-conflict management, technical cooperation, international justice, transitional justice)
  • French ministries of Europe and Foreign Affairs, Armed Forces, Interior
  • French and foreign local authorities (decentralized cooperation)
  • European Commission (DEVCO, ECHO, and EEAS) and European Commission delegations outside member countries
  • United Nations (Political Affairs, peace operations)
  • International development and cooperation organizations (UNDP, UNESCO, etc.)
  • National and international organizations and institutions for migration management
  • French and European cooperation organizations (AFD, GIZ)
  • Think tanks and research, expertise, and advisory centers on international issues and conflict resolution
  • Development consulting firms
  • Journalism
  • Corporate Social Responsibility sector
  • Research and information centers (French and foreign) on international issues

Head of the PHD major

Charles Tenenbaum

Senior lecturer in political science

Research areas: international mediation and conflict resolution; peace studies; multilateralism; religions and international relations

Editorial by the head of the major

To train professionals in the humanitarian, conflict management, development, and peacebuilding spheres—this is the goal of the Peace, Humanitarian Action, and Development Major.

This ambition is part of a political science program that aims to leverage the social sciences and humanities to better address contemporary challenges. From tackling global issues (environmental crises, humanitarian crises, inequalities, migrations, conflicts) to local action dynamics (food security and agricultural development, conflict prevention, mediation, post-conflict reconstruction).

In response to crises, traditional approaches must now combine with the resources of civil society, international organizations, and the various paths of renewed diplomacy. This alternative approach accompanies the theoretical and practical teachings offered in PHD, while critically examining concepts, actors, and their practices.

The diversity of career paths reflects a common concern: contributing to better addressing the challenges of emergencies, peace, and development, from local to international levels.

Charles Tenenbaum